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Cleaning an oven is understandably a hated chore. Who wants to spend the whole weekend scraping off grease and grime?

At Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning, we take the stress away from you so you can focus on other tasks. Since we started, we have built an incredible reputation for providing exceptional oven cleaning services to customers in Walthamstow.


Homeowners often think of oven cleaning as being a time-consuming, distasteful chore and that’s about all the thought they give it. Sure, a dirty oven doesn’t look great, but if you keep the door closed who’s going to notice? It’s not like a dirty oven is dangerous, right? Wrong.

Each year there are just over 36,000 house fires in the UK. The end result of those fires is millions of pounds in damage – with some homes a complete loss – as well as scores of injuries and deaths. What does that have to do with oven cleaning? Most house fires start in the kitchen. And most kitchen fires start in dirty, grease-caked ovens.

As such, the idea that the problem of the dirty oven can simply be tucked away behind the oven door just doesn’t hold water. Dirty ovens (a dirty hobs extractor too) need to be addressed, for the health and safety of everyone in the house, as well as for the long-term viability of the house itself. But that’s not all.

Dirty ovens attract cockroaches, ants, mice, rats and myriad other pests. They’re drawn to the smell of food spatter in the oven. And because most homeowners don’t use their oven every day, those pests can get into the oven to sup on the food spatter while you’re just feet away enjoying your dinner. It’s pretty disgusting, but it’s a problem that can be rectified by having the oven cleaning specialists from Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning company in to do what they do.

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Trusted by customers. Expect well-mannered, friendly and reliable service from fully trained cleaners and customer support.

  • Experience. Our cleaners have years of experience handling all kinds of cleaning challenges.
  • Convenient. We finish our work within hours, and your oven is safe to use right away.
  • Focus on safety. We use our own eco-friendly, non-caustic cleaning programs, protecting your kitchen from unpleasant fumes.
  • High standards. Our cleaning process thoroughly removes fat, grease and dirt while completely protecting your oven. We also carry replacement parts like bulbs and filters for your convenience.
  • Flexibility. We come to your requested schedule, whether it’s on regular working hours or during the weekends or holidays.

None of the above are idle boasts. We have put in long hours perfecting our method for cleaning dirty ovens. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are chosen both for their effectiveness, and because they won’t undermine the safety of the local groundwater. In addition, while we subject many parts of your oven to our heated dip tank in order to ensure they are truly deep cleaned, that tank is never brought into your house. This way we eliminate the possibility of spills or other accidents.

As the premier professional oven cleaning service in Walthamstow e17, we take what we do seriously. We understand the dangers of a dirty oven, have more than 20 years of experience restoring the dirtiest ovens to a like-new state, employ some of the best trained, hardest working oven cleaning technicians anywhere, and understand how a good clean oven can produce a cascade of positive benefits for the rest of the house.


Our cleaning starts by adding protection around the oven to keep your kitchen safe. We inspect your oven for damaged parts and let you know if there’s anything that needs replacing.

We disassemble all removable parts – like bulbs, trays and grills – and soak them in our soap-based solution for degreasing. We use cleaning products created in-house that can remove even the most stubborn stains.

While the oven components are in our solution, our oven-cleaning technicians scrape off the oven interiors and doors of accumulated grease and grime. We double-check every area of your appliance before putting it back together and testing it.

Once you are satisfied with the result, we will tidy up and let you start using your oven right away.


If you don’t engage in carpet cleaning your house isn’t going to burn down. Yet if you ignore the need to have your oven cleaned you run a very real risk of that happening. Oven cleaning is not a nuisance chore that can be indefinitely delayed. It’s essential home maintenance that will make your home a safer, healthier place for everyone.

Don’t delay. Well-cleaned ovens are in everyone’s best interest and no one does a better job of it than the original oven cleaning outfit in Walthamstow: Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning.

A clean oven is just a few short steps away. Book an appointment with us and get a free quote by calling us today.

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