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Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning offers professional oven cleaning services in Crawley and surrounding areas. Our clients can trust our soap-based cleaning method for a safe and effective clean.

Our safe cleaning products are what allow us to provide an eco-friendly solution that is not possible with harsh chemicals. This creates a safer environment for you and your oven, which will ensure a longer life span.

Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning understands that cleaning an oven is not something you enjoy. It’s a time-consuming and difficult task. We love making old ovens look brand new. No matter how damaged your oven may be, you can trust us to bring it back to life.

When it comes to sources of germs, the oven is often overlooked when it shouldn’t be. Not only can a filthy oven become a cesspool of bacteria, but the food residue that builds up inside can attract pests that might be carrying and leaving diseases.

Keeping your oven clean is a simple way of protecting your family from health risks. So if you don’t have the time or the right cleaning tools, Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning can do the cleaning for you. Our oven cleaning service in Crawley is trusted among South London and Kent households, leaving hundreds of ovens sanitised and customers satisfied.

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A Dirty Oven Is a Dangerous Oven

It’s true that a dirty oven can attract all types of pests and become a major health hazard. Many of these pests are extremely hardy and not dissuaded by the heat when you use the oven. Instead, they wait nearby, patiently biding their time until the oven cools down so they can enter and feast on the spatter. It’s enough to make your stomach turn. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Having your oven professionally cleaned by Eagle Eye can put an end to unwanted visitors in your kitchen and restore your oven to its original, hygienic state.

But rodents, bugs, tiny insects and bacteria are not the only hazard created by a dirty oven. Each year thousands of house fires in the UK originate in the kitchen and most of them can be traced to a dirty oven. All that grease and food spatter that is attracting vermin is also slowly building up and creating a situation where even the tiniest spark can set it alight. That’s the bad news. The good news is that having your oven professionally cleaned on a regular basis can all but eliminate this hazard.

The Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning Process

At Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning, we offer comprehensive training for our team so they’re well-versed on our specialised oven cleaning process. Using a soap-based, biodegradable, caustic-free and eco-friendly solution instead of harsh chemicals, we perform a thorough cleaning of ovens. Here’s how we do it:

  • First, we remove the door of your oven and take out all the racks.
  • Then, we unscrew the panels from inside your oven.
  • Next, we dismantle the hob and extractor fan.
  • We take all these component parts and submerge them into a heated dip tank with a soap-based solution.
  • We degrease the extractor fan and then wipe the hob clean.
  • We clean the racks and trays.
  • We scrape off and scrub out the dirt in your oven using soap-based liquids and pastes.
  • Finally, we assemble the oven, the hob, the extractor and other parts back together.

To ensure safety and protection, our service technicians cover the area with protective sheets. The oven door is then removed.

Our technicians then take out the oven racks and the interior panelling. Also, the extractor and hob are taken out and all components are transported to our service vehicle. They are then placed in our heating tank where they go through a thorough cleaning.

We return to our home and turn on the oven. This heats up the oven and helps to remove carbon. To clean up any remaining residue or debris, we use the safe Eagle Eye Oven Cleaners.

After cleaning is done, we remove the parts from the heating tank and place them back in their original positions. We finish the Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning with a polish that gives your oven a beautiful, streak-free shine.

We are completely confident in our ability to restore even the dirtiest, most neglected oven to a like-new state of cleanliness you could never achieve using store-bought, spray-on oven cleaners. Best of all, you don’t have to spend any of your precious time with your head inside the oven trying in vain to remove food waste that seems like it’s part of the oven.

Our Services

It’s not just ovens we clean! The Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning team also offers our cleaning services for the following kitchen appliances:

  • Extractors
  • Agas and Rayburns
  • Rangers
  • Microwaves
  • BBQ Racks
  • Light Bulbs and Filters

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Maintaining a clean oven is more than just a good habit to get into, it’s essential home maintenance. All too often dirty ovens attract pests that bring with them a variety of ailments ranging from nuisance to serious. And even worse, those dirty ovens have a nasty habit of igniting and threatening both the house and all its inhabitants. So don’t delay. There is too much at stake to allow a dirty oven to fester. Protect your health and safety, and the health and safety of your loved ones, by having your oven professionally cleaned today.

Crawley’s most trusted oven cleaning and care experts. We are eager to help restore your oven back to its original glory. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, please call us at 020 3858 0057. To get started, you can also use our contact form.

You can trust that you will receive exceptional care and service from our friendly staff. Don’t risk injuring yourself or spending countless hours trying to clean your oven on your own. Let our experts handle the dirty work for you and see the difference we make.

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