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Having a clean oven is more than enjoying a clean surface before you start cooking. When your appliance is clean, heat circulates more equally, so your food is cooked more evenly. There’s also a reduced risk of fire since there is less carbonised grease in the oven, and you’ll no longer encounter nasty smells or smoke when you cook.

Get your appliance looking better than before by having your oven cleaned by professional appliance cleaners. For oven cleaning in Kingston, turn to Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning.


Our team at Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning offers excellent cleaning services, whether it’s a regular clean or a one-time service.

Here’s what sets us apart from other cleaning services:

  • Our oven cleaners are screened and extensively trained. You can trust them to tackle cleaning challenges from different types of cooking appliances.
  • We are fully bonded and insured. Although our cleaners rarely leave a scratch on your oven, we take responsibility when we do.
  • We use safe, environmentfriendly cleaning products. We create our soap-based solution in-house. It cleans the most stubborn stains but doesn’t leave chemical fumes in your oven and kitchen.
  • We use a thorough cleaning system. Our team conducts a top-to-bottom oven cleaning that includes soaking the removable parts in a degreaser while we scrub the oven’s interiors.

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Ensure a thorough clean for your oven with our extensive cleaning system. Here’s how we make your appliance sparkling clean:

  • A pre-cleaning inspection helps us determine the extent of the cleaning, as well as identify broken and damaged parts.
  • We take out all the detachable parts – bulbs, racks, trays – and soak them in a tub full of a degreasing solution.
  • We scrub your oven’s interiors and doors, focusing on hard-to-reach areas.
  • We wipe all parts of your oven and reinstall them, replacing damaged or broken parts when needed.
  • We test the functionality of the oven before you start using it. And you can start using it right after we finish the job


Hiring professional oven cleaning services is not typically at the top of most people’s priority list. After all, a dirty oven is no big deal and besides, when you shut the oven door no one can see it. So, out of sight out of mind. That might be the case when it comes to a dirty closet, but not a dirty oven.

You see, when grease and food spatter accumulate on the inside of an oven it’s not only unsightly it’s downright dangerous. Grease, as you know, is highly flammable. Let enough of it accumulate in the oven and you’ve got a significant fire hazard right there in the middle of your kitchen.

If you are sceptical about that consider this: each year there are more than 36,000 house fires in the UK. Most start in the kitchen. And most kitchen fires start in dirty, grease-coated ovens. So please note: whether you clean the oven yourself or call an oven cleaning service it’s imperative that you not let the problem fester until it’s too late.


The most compelling reason to call for oven cleaning in Kingston Upon Thames KT1 is to prevent a fire, but it’s far from the only reason to keep a clean oven. The food spatter caked to the walls of the oven is not only a fire threat, it’s also a great big “Welcome” sign to cockroaches, ants, mice, rats and other pests and vermin that can smell it a mile away. And because most homeowners only use their oven intermittently, these unwanted guests have plenty of time to dine inside your oven in between uses.

But here’s the real kicker: once mice discover a ready source of food inside your oven it’s not unusual for them to set up house inside the insulation in the oven walls. They’ll have to go for a walk during those times you actually use the oven, but once things cool down a bit they’ll be right back. Once that happens your home not only has a dirty oven problem, it now has a pest problem and a major health issue as well.


Our oven cleaning methods developed through years of experience. The soap we use in our dip tank to clean removable parts is a proprietary blend that is super effective while also being eco-friendly, and our cleaning results speak for themselves. Our cleaning technicians are rigorously trained in our process and can restore even the dirtiest oven to a like-new level of clean. Home ovens, professional ovens, in fact, any and all types of ovens are no match for our oven cleaners.

If you live in Kingston Upon Thames KT1 and need to have your oven cleaned, call us. We provide quotes over the phone. Failing to clean a dirty oven has consequences, some of them (like fire) are devastating, others (like vermin) are insidious. The good news is none of that has to happen if you call Eagle Eye to have your oven cleaned in Kingston.

Get in touch with us for your oven cleaning needs. Contact Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning on 020 3858 0057 to book an appointment.

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