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Commercial Kitchen Extract Cleaning London

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Commercial Kitchen Extract Cleaning London

When commercial kitchens are being cleaned or otherwise maintained the air extraction system is often ignored because it is out of sight and mostly out of mind. This is a big mistake. Commercial kitchens are in use 12 – 24 hours a day and all during that time grease and grime are building up in the ductwork right above the heat source, creating perfect conditions for a fire. Eagle Eye offer commercial kitchen extract cleaning in London that can prevent that from happening.

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The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Extract Cleaning in London

The only way to mitigate the risk posed by greasy extraction ducts is to have the system thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. That includes the canopy, fan, filter and ducts. Failing to conduct regular extraction system cleaning can lead to:

  • A kitchen fire – Greasy extraction ducts are a major cause of commercial kitchen fires in London. Such a fire not only poses a very real risk to life and limb but could wind up closing down your restaurant, hotel, pub or other establishment for months at a time and open you to enormous liability claims.
  • Financial ruin – Besides the aforementioned liability claims, there’s a very real chance your insurance company will refuse to reimburse you for damages if they discover the fire started because you neglected to clean the extraction ducts. This would place a huge financial burden on your shoulders.
  • Health risks – When greasy residue is allowed to accumulate inside the extraction ducts it can harbour bacterial growth and attract vermin, both of which can pose a significant health risk. Your sterling reputation could take a significant hit should customers get sick from contaminated food.
  • Regulatory risks – The local council can conduct an inspection of your commercial kitchen at any time, including the extraction ducts. If they find your ducts to be in violation of the Food Safety Act of 1990 or the Workplace Health Safety and Welfare Regulations of 1992 you could be fined or shut down or both.

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Having your kitchen extract system cleaned on a regular basis is the best way to avoid health and safety problems and ensure the happiness of your customers and the success of your business going forward. To learn more about our commercial kitchen extract cleaning service in London give us a call on 020 3858 0057. If you need us to conduct the cleaning at a non-traditional hour just let us know.

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