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Commercial Kitchen Ductwork Cleaning London

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Commercial Kitchen Ductwork Cleaning London

The commercial kitchen extractor system is comprised of several distinct components: the extractor hood, the fan, the filter(s) and the ductwork. Fail to properly maintain any one of these components and the entire system can suffer. Hotels and restaurants typically do a pretty good job keeping up with cleaning of the hood, fan and filters. The ductwork, however, is often neglected because it’s the least accessible component. If you’re in need of commercial kitchen ductwork cleaning in London Eagle Eye is here to help.

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Commercial Kitchen Ductwork Cleaning in London

Kitchen ductwork is the ultimate mixed blessing. On the one hand, it enables you to safely and effectively remove heat and exhaust from the stove and oven, keeping the kitchen cool and safe. On the other hand, its inaccessible nature makes it difficult to clean, which can create a cascade of problems, including:

The risk of a kitchen fire – Commercial kitchen fires happen for a reason, usually because some part of the extraction system is clogged with greasy debris from the stove and oven.

Risk to life and limb – Kitchen fires are no joke. They can spread rapidly creating huge amounts of toxic smoke endangering everyone in the kitchen, the restaurant and the hotel.

Increased liability – If the kitchen ductwork is not properly cleaned and leads to a fire there is a good chance the insurance company will not cover the damage, exposing you to a huge liability risk.

Failed health inspections – Health inspectors are detail orientated types. If your ductwork is caked with greasy debris they’ll know it and you could be shut down or fined or both.

Loss of reputation – If the health inspector shuts down your commercial kitchen you may never be able to recover the trust of your customers and be forced to close.

These are just some of the problems that can result from failing to have the commercial kitchen ductwork in your London hotel or restaurant cleaned on a regular basis.

Eagle Eye Can Help

While it’s understandable that hotel, restaurant and pub owners would lose track of the last time they had their kitchen ductwork properly cleaned, failing to do so can have dire consequences. Don’t risk it. Make sure your commercial eating establishment in London is always safe, hygienic and comfortable to work in. Get in touch with the professionals at Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning and let us restore your kitchen ductwork to a pristine state. Call today on 020 3858 0057.

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