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Getting an oven clean is a challenging, messy and unpleasant task. Apart from the effort to get the job done, it also takes up most of the time you would have spent on other tasks at home.

Cleaning your oven may also be an unsafe chore. Several cleaning products generate fumes that pose a health risk when it is exposed to food.

This is where we step in. At Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning, we handle this nasty but important job so you don’t have to. Get peace of mind knowing that our professional oven cleaning services in Hackney will make your oven clean, hygienic and safe.

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Why Choose Us?

Outstanding customer service: Count on our friendly customer support to answer all your enquiries.

Experienced cleaners: Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to tackle the most challenging cleaning tasks. They work thoroughly to make sure your oven looks as good as new.

Safe cleaning methods and products: We use advanced and environment-friendly cleaning products. Our soap-based solvents are made in-house, and they are 100 per cent safe to use around food, children and pets.

Competitive prices: There are no hidden items in our prices. Enjoy fixed and competitive prices.

Enjoy a Clean, Safe Oven

Your oven won’t just look clean when you book us for our services. It will also perform better and use less energy.

Because we use eco-friendly cleaning methods and products, no harmful and unpleasant fumes will linger in your oven. Your food will not be contaminated by chemical residue, and it will not be affected by unpleasant smells from grease and dirt.

You can expect that your oven to be ready for use after cleaning. Our team takes out every component of your oven and deep cleans it in our solution. They’ll scrub the inside of the oven thoroughly and make sure that no dirt is left inside.

Need your oven cleaned? Leave the job to us. For enquiries or a free quote, call us on 020 3858 0057.

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A fantastic, prompt and efficient service! Highly recommended! Left my oven looking brand new!


Spent some extra time having to scrub all the dirt from my oven. Made sure he got it all off, really impressed


Very competitive considering the effort that was put in. I liked that he took the oven apart and soaked it in the chemicals! Very unusual but it got all the burnt on dirt off!