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The historic town of Farnham embodies many of the qualities that come to mind when one conjures images of the English countryside: winding lanes, neatly kept gardens, a 12th-century castle, and large, comfortable homes behind thick hedgerows. Farnham is a tight-knit community with a lively social scene. People here love to cook for friends and family, and typically have spacious, well-appointed kitchens for just that purpose. When the residents of this quiet, prosperous town need someone to restore their ovens to tip-top condition, they call Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning.

Oven Cleaning in Farnham

The people here have a well-developed sense of quality and value. They turn to Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning because they know we will not keep them waiting, that we will treat every aspect of their home with the respect it deserves, and that we will leave their oven looking like new, regardless of how long it’s been since they last had it cleaned.

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Oven Cleaning Farnham

A Customer-Centric Approach

At Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning we are driven by one goal; your complete satisfaction. It’s an old fashioned approach to business that has helped us grow from a one-man enterprise into one of the largest and most respected oven cleaning operations in Surrey and beyond. We treat every job as if it’s the most important one we have ever done, and we never lose sight of the details or cut corners. If you want your oven cleaned right from top to bottom and corner to corner, Eagle Eye are the ones to call. 

More Than Just a Cleaning Service

Oven cleaning is important for a number of reasons. First, a clean oven is one that does not foul the taste of your expensive roasts and carefully prepared baked goods. Second, a clean oven is an energy-efficient oven. Third, a clean oven is hygienic. And last, but certainly not least, a clean oven makes your home a safer place. That’s because a large percentage of the more than 36,000 house fires that occur each year in the UK start in a dirty oven. Call Eagle Eye on 020 3858 0057 for first-class oven cleaning in Farnham at reasonable rates.

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A fantastic, prompt and efficient service! Highly recommended! Left my oven looking brand new!


Spent some extra time having to scrub all the dirt from my oven. Made sure he got it all off, really impressed


Very competitive considering the effort that was put in. I liked that he took the oven apart and soaked it in the chemicals! Very unusual but it got all the burnt on dirt off!