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Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning Epping

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We provide a professional oven cleaning service to households in Epping and the surrounding area. Our team will dismantle your oven, clean all the separate components in a special solution of proprietary oven cleaning detergent and put it all back together for you, ready for you to use again.

We have cleaned thousands of ovens in the area over the years and can confidently say that the service we offer is one of the best you will find anywhere in the country. If you just can’t face scrubbing your oven walls and racks again, just pick up the phone and let us know where you are: we will arrange for our team to visit your home and restore your oven to its original pristine condition.

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Our Procedure for Oven Cleaning in Epping

In addition to developing our own highly effective, eco-friendly oven cleaning detergent, we have also created a procedure for cleaning ovens that enables us to complete the work quickly and efficiently every time:

  • Removal of Oven Door, Racks, Trays and Panels – The first thing we do is take off your oven door and remove all the racks, trays and wall panels so we can clean the inside more easily. We will also submerge the door, racks, trays and panels in a tank of hot cleaning solution before replacing them.
  • Dismantle Hob – All removable components are submerged in our proprietary cleaning solution.
  • Cleaning Hob and Oven Walls – All carbon and grease will be removed from your hob and oven walls by our expert cleaners.
  • Replacement of All Components – Your oven door, racks, trays and wall panels will now be replaced, along with all the removable components from your hob.In addition to the above procedure, we can also dismantle and clean your extractor fan if required.

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A fantastic, prompt and efficient service! Highly recommended! Left my oven looking brand new!


Spent some extra time having to scrub all the dirt from my oven. Made sure he got it all off, really impressed


Very competitive considering the effort that was put in. I liked that he took the oven apart and soaked it in the chemicals! Very unusual but it got all the burnt on dirt off!