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The oven is typically the last thing a homeowner thinks about having professionally cleaned. But it should actually be at or near the top of your cleaning priority list. A dirty oven can ruin the taste of your expensive cuts of meat and produce acrid smoke that permeates the house. A dirty oven is also a bug and bacteria magnet, is less energy efficient than a clean oven and is a fire hazard. When you need top-quality oven cleaning in Aldershot, call the professionals at Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning.

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Aldershot is known as the Home of the British Army, but to tens of thousands, it’s just home. We provide a fast, effective and affordable oven cleaning service to the good people here, many of whom have become repeat customers. They choose to come back to Eagle Eye because they know we get the job done right, that we always appear and act professionally, and that there is no more effective oven cleaning service in this part of Hampshire.

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Oven Cleaning Aldershot

Our only goal at Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning is your complete satisfaction with the finished product. We sweat the details, scour every nook and cranny and get your oven as clean as it can possibly be. We employ our own environmentally-friendly cleansers that lift away layers of grease and baked-on food spatters without producing noxious fumes or polluting the water supply. It’s all part of our commitment to our customers and to the world we all have to share.

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A dirty oven can produce foul odours that permeate the house when you cook. It can also attract bacteria, bugs and more. It is also going to run less efficiently than a clean oven, and it is an undeniable safety hazard. Just ask the thousands of homeowners each year who experience house fires that originate in dirty ovens. Don’t let a dirty oven ruin your food, foul the atmosphere in your Aldershot home or create a fire hazard that endangers your loved ones, call Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning today on 020 3858 0057.

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A fantastic, prompt and efficient service! Highly recommended! Left my oven looking brand new!


Spent some extra time having to scrub all the dirt from my oven. Made sure he got it all off, really impressed


Very competitive considering the effort that was put in. I liked that he took the oven apart and soaked it in the chemicals! Very unusual but it got all the burnt on dirt off!